Monday, August 11, 2008

Woven Label

We can produce several types of woven labels as details below:

(a) Satin
(b) Taffeta
(c) Full Damask
(d) Woven Tape
(e) Woven Badge
(f) Woven & Embossed Labels
(g) Iron on Labels & Badges
(h) Laser cut into shape labels
(i) Overlocking Edge Woven Badges
(j) Diecut Woven Badges
(k) Screen Print on woven labels
(l) Dye to match Pantone colours woven labels
(j) We have White, Black and Red Warps available for production
(l) Woven Soft Edge Labels
(m) Ultra-sonic Edge Labels

If you want to have more information and details for above items,
Please feel free to contact us by E-mail ASAP.