Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shuttle-Loom and Needle-Loom

Shuttle-Loom and Needle-Loom:

Actually both looms are the woven soft edge.

However, Shuttle Loom is more thinner and softer than needle-loom especially in White ground with dark designs.

Shuttle loom is the "figures weaving" so the yarn will not have too much heavy on the back side and also will not affect the ground from white to off-white or grey.

If you design the shirts & t-shirts, Ladies dress and/or high price fashion, may be you can choose shuttle-loom is more better.

Needle-loom can have the heavy & stronger hand feels on the labels so you can consider to make it for Jacket, Down Jackets and Jeans.
Of course, you can also let the needle-loom labels sewing on heavy fabrics clothing.

** Both above looms will have color's limitation. If your design have more colours than four contrasts so we suggest to make it as [ broad-loom ] + [ ultra-sonic edge ].

If you want to know more about their difference.
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